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Adorable Beach Houses

Posted on March 24, 2011 by veny

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Are you one of a beach house lover? If yes, I will spoil you with lot of pictures of beaches house that I want to show. Beach houses are so fun and gorgeous, moreover if the location and all the room position is exactly what you want. In the morning, when you wake up and breath the fresh air you will have the great feeling and will make you always fresh. Like this pictures below, with the pool side which is so close with the beach will makes all people who see your house will envious because of that.Universe-Beach-House-in-Mexico-by-Tatiana-Bilbao-1






In the afternoon when the sun wants to go down, you can see directly the sunset from your own beach house. After you deal with the hectic work and that makes you headache, it will disappear right away if you are already at your beach house and see the beach. Wow..what a life.

For the room design, everybody knows that beach always surrounded with the insects. Especially at night, you can use the mosquito net in your bed room as you see at above pictures.

These pictures will give you the inspiration and spirit to have a beach house. Enjoy!

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