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Beautiful in the City

Posted on November 25, 2014 by The Master

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You have a house in the middle of the city? As often happens in some homes are in the middle of the crowd, often cause the stress level is very high. Some people think that a house can reduce the stress you are suffering. This could also correct. If you want to try philosophy, the design may be such as whether a house can reduce the burden of stress is? I think you need to try to design the house as seen in the picture below. The interior design is important that you can not leave. The psychological, interior design can reduce the stress level is.

minimalis 2

minimalis 3

minimalis 4

minimalis 5

minimalis 6

minimalis 7

Indeed, the design house is not aimed to overcome the stress you, but it’s good with a design that is unique and simple, this can help you overcome the stress.

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  1. rumah says:

    rumah yang bagus, arsitektur yang menarik biasanya membuat penghuninya selelu betah di rumah

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