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Black Fireplaces

Posted on June 19, 2015 by Mrs. Theecha

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For you are looking for a fireplace for your home, maybe the pictures below can help.

Black Fireplaces Photos 1

Black Fireplaces Photos 1

This is a tube is a bioethanol outdoor fireplace that won the Red Dot design award 2010.

Harmonic form is obtained from the tube by cutting a single laser. This product consists of a circular burner in inox steel which produces heat by using bioethanol, and does not release smoke. Made with varnish finishing powder with high heat resistance.

The fireplace can be considered as a real complement the design of furniture because it does not require a chimney and construction steps. Thanks to Tube sleek yet simple design can be incorporated into an existing fireplace or mounted on the wall.

Black Fireplaces Photos 2

Black Fireplaces Photos 2

Already, I hope you like the picture above.

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