15ml 40ml 50ml 75ml Oval Shape Plastic Colorful Stick Deodorant Container

PriceUS $0.2-0.7. Minimum Order10000 Pieces. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyZhangjiagang Huayi Imp ~ Zhangjiagang Huayi Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.
USD 0.20

Microwave Pp White Plastic Disposable Food Container With Two Compartments For Take Away

PriceUS $0.005-0.5. Minimum Order1000 Pieces. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyDongguan Younglink Blister ~ Dongguan Younglink Blister Package Manufactory
USD 0.01

Disposable Food Grade Plastic Container Manufacturer

PriceUS $0.01-0.1. Minimum Order50000 Pieces. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyXiamen Richer Plastic ~ Xiamen Richer Plastic Co., Ltd.
USD 0.01

4 Compartment Bento Lunch Box,Disposable Safe Plastic Food Container

PriceUS $0.12-0.19. Minimum Order4000 Pieces. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyHuangyan Tenghua Plastic ~ Huangyan Tenghua Plastic Factory
USD 0.12

New Arrival 500ml Plastic Disposable Food Storage Container With Lid

PriceUS $0.05-0.15. Minimum Order100 Sets. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyZhuhai Long Partner ~ Zhuhai Long Partner Technology Co., Ltd.
USD 0.05

PET PS Plastic Container, Food Packaging, Plastic Boxes Prined

PriceUS $0.05-0.56. Minimum Order5000 Pieces. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyXiamen Kailiou Plastic ~ Xiamen Kailiou Plastic Products Co., Ltd.
USD 0.05

RENJIA Food Grade Plastic Container,collapsible Silicon Food Storage Container,silicone Mask Bowl

PriceUS $0.8-5. Minimum Order1000 Pieces. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyShenzhen Renjia Technology ~ Shenzhen Renjia Technology Co., Ltd.
USD 0.80

60PCS Food Grade Certified Plastic Storage Container

PriceUS $0.12-0.8. Minimum Order2000 Pieces. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyCHL Industrial Development ~ CHL Industrial Development Co., Limited
USD 0.12

600*400*315mm Plastic Shipping Box Tote Container/box

PriceUS $2-10. Minimum Order50 Pieces. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyQingdao Enlightening Electromechanical ~ Qingdao Enlightening Electromechanical Co., Ltd.
USD 2.00

Promotional Gift Stainless Steel Plastic Insulated Food Container/thermos Lunch Box

Price. Minimum Order1 Box. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyChaozhou Chaoan Maoli Stainless ~ Chaozhou Chaoan Maoli Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.
USD 0.00

Pretty Design Small Plastic Containers

PriceUS $0.01-0.15. Minimum Order3000 Pieces. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyShanghai Heng Ding ~ Shanghai Heng Ding Packing Products Co., Ltd.
USD 0.01

2016 New Product 30ml Pet Bottle, Plastic Bottle, Plastic Container

PriceUS $0.05-0.09. Minimum Order500 Pieces. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyDongguan Biaochi Trading ~ Dongguan Biaochi Trading Co., Ltd.
USD 0.05

Foodsaver BPA Free Microwave Safe Plastic Food Storage Container

PriceUS $0.8-1.2. Minimum Order500 Pieces. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyShenzhen Greenland Silicone ~ Shenzhen Greenland Silicone Plastic Co., Ltd.
USD 0.80

Amazon Hot Selling Meal Prep Container Stackable , Best Cardboard Sleeve Multi Plastic Food Container 3 Compartment Microwavable

PriceUS $0.1-1. Minimum Order1000 Pieces. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyYiwu Greefun Import ~ Yiwu Greefun Import & Export Co., Ltd.
USD 0.10

Best Price Medical Plastic Container For Capsules

PriceUS $0.15-0.22. Minimum Order1000 Pieces. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyZhengding Xixin Trading ~ Zhengding Xixin Trading Co., Ltd.
USD 0.15

HOT Disposable 3 Compartment PP Plastic Microwave Food Container

PriceUS $0.18-0.3. Minimum Order2000 Pieces. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyFeidong Shenghui Industrial ~ Feidong Shenghui Industrial Co., Ltd.
USD 0.18

NSF Certification Transparent & Black Food Grade Food Plastic Containers

PriceUS $0.99-10.99. Minimum Order100 Pieces. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyJiangmen Starlight Kitchen ~ Jiangmen Starlight Kitchen Tech. Co., Ltd.
USD 0.99

7 X Clear Plastic Food Storage Box Containers With Multi Colour Lids

PriceUS $2-4. Minimum Order500 Sets. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyHangzhou Hony Technology ~ Hangzhou Hony Technology Co., Ltd.
USD 2.00

Pet Feed Container/ Food Storage Container / Plastic Cereal Container

PriceUS $1-3.5. Minimum Order1000 Sets. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyTaizhou Bright Plastic ~ Taizhou Bright Plastic Mould Factory
USD 1.00

H 40222T,cute Plastic Lunch Box Containers,bento Lunch Box

Price. Minimum Order3000 Pieces. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyTaizhou Greenside Co., Ltd.. ~ Taizhou Greenside Co., Ltd.
USD 0.00

Full Range Transparent Clear Plastic Food Containers

PriceUS $0.03-0.15. Minimum Order50000 Sets. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyShanghai Sunkea Commodities ~ Shanghai Sunkea Commodities Co., Ltd.
USD 0.03

60ml 80ml 120ml 250ml 500ml 600ml 1000ml HDPE PE Plastic Jar Container

PriceUS $0.1-0.5. Minimum Order10000 Pieces. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyGuangzhou Cosmopacking Business ~ Guangzhou Cosmopacking Business Co., Ltd.
USD 0.10

Plastic Containers, Moving Containers, Foldable Containers, Stacking Containers, Logistics Containers, Stack Nest Crate

PriceUS $7.17-7.65. Minimum Order200 Pieces. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyNanjing Sunlight Plastic ~ Nanjing Sunlight Plastic Containers Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
USD 7.17

7 PCS Rainbow Food Plastic Container,/microwave Food Container/Keeping Food Fresh Box

PriceUS $0.1-4. Minimum Order500 Pieces. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyNingbo Sean Import ~ Ningbo Sean Import & Export Co., Ltd.
USD 0.10

2016 Plastic Food Grade Silicone Cosmetic Container For Wax Oil Container

PriceUS $0.01-1.7. Minimum Order100 Pieces. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyDongguan RHS Home ~ Dongguan RHS Home Accessories Factory
USD 0.01

Plastic Containers For Food Packaging 10 Ml Pet Plastic Bottle With Dropper For Eliquid 1oz PET Smoke Oil Bottle

PriceUS $0.03-0.1. Minimum Order330 Pieces. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyShenzhen Zhongye Import ~ Shenzhen Zhongye Import And Export Co., Ltd.
USD 0.03

Plastic Fruit Punnet

PriceUS $0.025-0.225. Minimum Order100000 Pieces. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyShantou Linghai Plastic ~ Shantou Linghai Plastic Packing Factory Co., Ltd.
USD 0.03

High Quality Food Grade BPA FREE Plastic Container With Lock

PriceUS $0.5-2.5. Minimum Order1 Set. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyShantou Jinxing Plastic ~ Shantou Jinxing Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.
USD 0.50

Custom Plastic Packaging Round Box, Clear Plastic Round Packaging Box, Clear Cylinder Packaging Container

PriceUS $0.05-2. Minimum Order1 Piece. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyXiamen Fu Rong ~ Xiamen Fu Rong Xin Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.
USD 0.05

Plastic Collapsible Container Crate For Storage

PriceUS $6.2-17. Minimum Order100 Pieces. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyQingdao Guanyu Plastic ~ Qingdao Guanyu Plastic Co., Ltd.
USD 6.20

Sell Well Disposable Custom Plastic Food Container With Lid

Price. Minimum Order30000 Pieces. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyHangzhou Massblue Trading Co., ~ Hangzhou Massblue Trading Co., Ltd.
USD 0.00

China Supplier 10pack Stackable Plastic Reusable Meal Prep Container

PriceUS $0.1-0.2. Minimum Order30000 Pieces. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyQuanzhou Yiqiang Plastic ~ Quanzhou Yiqiang Plastic Co., Ltd.
USD 0.10

30ml 60ml 120ml Cat Eye Shaped Plastic Containers Gold Plastic Cosmetic Containers

PriceUS $0.75-1.5. Minimum Order1000 Pieces. LocationChina (Mainland). CompanyShanghai Best China ~ Shanghai Best China Industry Co., Ltd.
USD 0.75