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Unusual Chair From Recycled Bathtub

Posted on April 01, 2015 by Mrs. Theecha

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Do you have a bathtub that is not used? Do you know a bathtub can be transformed into chairs a very nice and charming? Look at the picture below.

Unusual Chair From Recycled Bathtub

Unusual Chair From Recycled Bathtub Photos

This is a chair made ​​from a bathtub that has been recycled. Very beautiful isn’t it?

Designed by Frees co, chairman of the tub is a sofa made ​​from a bathtub that has been in the cut-out, coated with foam matting and placed on the foot arch. Seats have also been painted and designed to provide more decorative elegance, more appropriate to take away that right from tub aesthetics.

Well, the tub is damaged now turned into a very elegant chair. So, if you have items that are not useful don’t rush to remove it, because if we are creative, damaged goods can be high-value goods.

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