Recliner Buying Guide: What to Look For

A chair with a comfortable soft backrest has been used by people for centuries. Centuries have changed and changing fashion has brought its touches to the appearance of furniture. The chair has changed most of all in the twentieth century. The modern product has many different modifications, which you will learn about in this article.

Designers of upholstered furniture spend a lot of time to create new forms and improve the functionality of mechanisms. We will tell you about different parameters and basic modifications of chairs.

Seat Modifications

In the last century, the notion of “ergonomics” first appeared. This term is one of the parameters of furniture and indicates its conformity with human anatomy. The backrests and armrests of upholstered furniture have been modified to adapt to our posture. External appeal has been combined with functionality and practicality.

The first chair representatives had a rectangular design. They had a straight and soft backrest as well as wide armrests. Over the years, this design has remained the same. In today’s world, everything has changed.

Style solutions coincide with well-known design solutions. Armchairs are made in such styles as:

  • modern style;
  • classics;
  • high-tech;
  • provanza;
  • minimalism;
  • constructivism;
  • eclecticism.

Recliners with a soft backrest


The main distinguishing feature of this piece of furniture is a soft and comfortable backrest. It can be in different shapes: curved, straight, low, high – there are many options. The most popular of them are:

  • a comfortable and soft backrest – this chair should make you feel comfortable. Great attention is paid to the upholstery material and filler. The backrest is usually of medium size. The furniture has massive armrests;
  • armchair-bathroom – the structure has an original look and is an armrest that fits smoothly into the low backrest. The legs of the chair are deep under the seat. The upholstery material is leather or textiles;
  • high backrest – a product with a high backrest has a small seat area. What armrests will be like – depends on the specific model. They can be both hard and soft. Usually, such models are placed in cabinets and libraries;
  • low backrest – in most cases these products have rigid armrests, which are made of bent plywood. Such furniture is often placed in interiors in the art nouveau style;
  • winged chair – the backrest of such chairs is high, the armrests have a curved shape, the front legs are twisted. It has a decorative accent – the buttons, buried in the upholstery.

It should also be noted designer furniture, which is made by famous designers of Europe. Among them are Robert Caner, Milo Boman, Hans Wegner, and others. These people have made a huge contribution to the development of furniture that decorates modern interiors.

Making conclusions, you can notice that the range of furniture has undergone major changes over the past twenty years. A lot of new models and interesting designs have appeared. In today’s market there are many manufacturers from different countries, and domestic craftsmen have joined them.